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I am hoping you will learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, my pets, and more.
You will be able to follow along as the dogs compete and/or play and learn of thier accomplishments. I hope to have a page for each of them.  

I have the dogs, 1st and formost as companions. They are my "kids" so to speak now, they live in the house with me.
 I like to show them and do any kind of work with them. I want to make sure they are healthy to be able to accomplish any goals we may have as a team.

We have had an exciting summer (2006).. I have been running the schips in lure coursing and they had an all-breed fun trial, Bubbles and Yukon competed in it. They did very well.

Kid got his Ralley novice title in 3 shows, 2 weekends.
Dancer managed to get one leg on her jumpers title in agility.

On Sept 9-10 2006
Dancer and Taffy got thier Novice Draft titles with the Bernese Mtn Dog club and Star got her Brace Novice Draft title - she was braced with Kukla - Eileen's collie.
The following weekend, Dancer and Star passed thier TDI evaluations.

I am pleased with the accomplishments of the dogs this summer.

here are the pictures of the dogs drafting

here are some pictures of the lure coursing fun trial.

2007 started out with fun. we went to a herding fun day with the Bernese Mountain Dog club and I put Dancer and Star in it. Dancer had a ball with the sheep, Star could have cared less.. for anyone who would care to see the pictures from that day you can click on the link below.
Sept is another draft test where hopefully Yukon will be going after his draft title. There is nothing else planned for the rest of the year.  I hope to get out with the dogs in 2008 . doing ralley, agility and possibly a brace novice team in the fall.

here are the pictures from the herding fun day Dancer and Star participated in it.

YEA - Yukon passed his draft test on 9-3-07!!
I am pleased with the way he works for me for the limited time he had in harness.
plus we had a VERY tough trail for the long haul and he pulled it off (with 20# in the cart). I have put the pictures in the link that follows.
that same weekend Yukon got his CGC!
I am very pleased with my boy and what he has accomplished this summer.

here are the drafting pictures from Sun.

I will let you know when I put something new up.

I have put up the 3 girls draft certificates on thier pages

puppie page........ check here to see the planned litters and when


to see my schipperkes, click here

to see my collies, click here

2008- we went to one show in June, Pixie was shown in her 1st show, she not only went winners bitch, she beat her brother out of breed! .. so she got to go to groups in main and bred-by. good experience for her, did nothing in the main group, but she got a group 3 in the bred-by!. I expect her to do well in the coming years of showing.
we also went to the draft trial in Sept. and I entered the brace team of Dancer and Yukon both days and Star got to play as well on Sunday. all of my teams passed with flying colors..
check out thier pictures.

here is the pictures taken of the draft trial - sept. 2004 with Star

2010 was a productive year in some ways .. had a new litter... had some problems with drafting .. Dancer got another pass towards her advanced title, but the brace didn't pass either day
Bubbles went to TX and took BOS at the specialty there, plus a couple more and alot of points towards her grand championshop..
was very pleased with my kids this summer over all.

2011 ...brought out some new kids and titles!..
Kahlan went to her 1st show in Jan at just 7 months old, taking breed and a 4 point major, she beat her grandma Bubbles .. whom redeemed herself the next day by taking a group 3!.. Kahlan took winners for another 3 point major .. so majors out of the way for the kid.. she continues her trek .. getting another major in March.. continuing to June getting another breed on sat and then taking group 2 in the bred-by extravaganza on sunday!.. she finished her quest in July getting her CH on sat in Kenai! .. ..
Yukon got a BN (with a 1st place and 197!), went on to get his CH in June... and Rally novice in July with placements so far and hopefully he isn't done yet.
Bubbles got her GCH in July in Kenai and another group 3.. and now working towards bronze.. she and Kahlan got invited to Eukanuba as well ..
Charm finally broke out of reserve queen and got a major at the cook inlet shows!.....
Dancer got her ex title in rally in July as well
the Int'l shows came up this year after a 6 year break.. I put Bubbs and Kahlan in all 4 shows, Seeker in 2 of them. Kahlan took breed on show 1, Bubbs got breed the other 3 shows, Bubbs got a group 3 in show 2 and group 1 in show 4.. she wound up getting reserve bred-by and reserve veteran for show 4, the breeder group too reserve as well .. Kahlan and Bubbles both got a title that weekend, bringing home lots of hardware and ribbons!
the following weekend  the brace team of Dancer and Yukon got 2 more passes in drafting. Dancer however didn't get her advanced title yet, so we must continue on as long as she likes it.
we had a fun and exciting year even tho the summer was extremely busy with training and shows.


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